Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Paid Surveys – The Tips for Successful Survey Taking

1) Refer your friends to the Paid Survey sites you join
Usually, survey sites give very good immediate cash bonuses for referring your friends when you join a survey site. You get a sure payment, and don’t need to be afraid that your friends may share in the profits you make – there are surveys for everyone, and everyone wins money and prizes for oneself.

2) Start completing every survey you get
As a newbie survey taker, it’s better to complete every survey you get, even though these starter surveys may pay little or nothing at all. Some of these initial surveys are general “screener” surveys that help the survey companies identify you and establish your reliability. If you don’t complete the screener surveys, survey companies usually drop you off their mailing lists and you lose the chance to win the cash and rewards of the surveys to follow.

3) Join Free Survey Sites
It only makes sense to join the FREE survey sites, as you need not pay anything before you’ve actually earned a nickel. Many survey companies believe it’s only fair to provide their services for free, and profit from the companies that need the surveys, rather than from the survey takers. Joining a site for free is also rational, because if you happen to be disappointed with the quality of the site, you may give it up with no regrets and money losses.

4) Complete Online Surveys for as many survey companies as you can
Once you join a free survey site, try completing as many of its survey offers as you can. That ensures that you have a steadier cash flow and don’t endure periods of survey drought. Moreover, each survey company launches an average of 2 to 7 surveys per month, while sometimes there are none at all. Also, you may not expect to qualify for each and every particular survey, as some of them are designed for particular gender, age group or social segment that you might not fall in.

5) Build a Reputation of a Reliable Survey Respondent
If you want to get regular survey invitations and maximize your earnings, it is worth it to build yourself a reputation of a reliable survey respondent.

Respond to survey offers timely, accurately and responsibly. Once a survey company has a record that shows your diligence, availability and accuracy in providing your feedback, it is almost certain that it will prefer you for its highest-payout surveys and other paid offers that require more, but also give out more cash and prizes.

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