Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lightspeed Panel - Paid Online Survey

My first ever post was all about my experience with paid online surveys. Back then Lightspeed panel was among my favourites and today it nabbed the top spot. I had earned my fist £15 ($30USD) from their surveys.

I signed up a few months ago. Their main downside is that they take a while to get going. It took about 2 months before I heard anything from them. But then the surveys started to arrive....I have been getting about 5 per week. I am not eligible for all of them but I find I usually am. Each survey is worth 50-125 Lightspeed points which can be converted to cash on Paypal (which is what I did) or you can buy gifts with them or home decorating bits n bogs (its random I know!).

100 Lightspeed points is worth about £1 ($2USD). This doesn't seem like much but the surveys never take longer than 10 minutes, despite the warning at the start that they will take longer (I don’t mind them thinking I’m taking longer on their surveys than I really am!). So that averages out about £6 ($12USD) per hour if you were doing them solidly, which isn’t a bad wage considering you need no qualifications. It is however, clear that they are not get-rich-quick scheme. Also you only get a few per week but remember to earn a living from paid online surveys you need to be signed up to a lot of them. (Just see my fist ever post, in the 2006 archives for a lengthy list of the sites I tried).

If you sign up (this is not an affiliate scheme) just type 'Lightspeed panel' followed by the name of your country because they have a different sign up page depending on where you are from. This is because their surveys are more likely to be relevant to you if they know where you live. I know Lightspeed panel is available in the UK and USA and a number of European countries, its not hard to find out.

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