Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bread Makers - Your First Bread Maker

With a great bread maker, it's relatively quick and simple to make good bread. The nice thing is bread makers aren't just limited to making bread, there's other uses as well. Make wonderful dough for pizza, make great tasting fruit jam, or bake a cake.

If you were like me when I first started, you may be confused when it comes to bread maker you need. Before finding out what bread maker you need, it's a good idea to first become familiar with what available features bread makers offer. Knowing what's out there will help you select the right bread maker for you.

If you want the convenience of making multiple loafs of bread at a time, having the ability to make more than one bread loaf at a time is a good feature to have in your bread maker. If you need to make a lot of loafs in a short amount of time, consider the length of time it takes the bread maker to make each loaf. If you are only making 1 loaf a day at most, the speed of the bread maker shouldn't make much of a difference. Also consider the quality of the bread being made, sometimes you can taste the difference.

I like a bread maker that has a window, it lets me watch the bread making without having to interrupt the process. If your loaf pan is non-stick, it will be a lot easier to clean. It's common for bread makers nowadays to come with non-stick pans, but there's still a select few that do not. I've also found an additional ingredients reminder helpful. It chimes a beep when it's time to add fruit to the bread.

Whatever bread maker you decide to choose, make sure to try a few out first and find out what you like. Make sure your bread maker is conventient enough for you to make sure you'll keep using it for years to come.

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