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Doing What’s Hard, Gets Easier

Andrew Barber-Starkey from Pro Coach International Inc. says, “What’s the only thing that gets smaller as you get closer to it? Your fears.” Often fears are precipitated by spending too much time thinking about them and not enough time dealing with them.

Setting up a business means facing the unknown every day. Your skills and talents will determine the type of tasks on which you prefer to spend your time. The problem is that there are so many other responsibilities waiting to be dealt with.

Susan, a woman who owns a company that makes websites and does online marketing for small businesses, was struggling with her fears. She particularly feared writing content for her clients’ websites. Although she recognized her personal obstacle, she still had difficulty getting past it. Each week Susan would set goals for completing a certain amount of writing, and every week she would fall short of her objective. Susan’s biggest fear was that the client wouldn’t be happy with what she wrote. Ironically, the content most of her clients wrote was not very good.

As deadlines loomed, she realized that getting beyond her fear was the only way to handle the situation. When she presented clients with copy, the feedback came back positive every time. That improved Susan’s level of confidence, but didn’t solve her procrastination problem. She continued to complete other tasks first, even though it meant working long hours and late nights to get the content written. Finally, the backlog got to the point where things had to change. Susan came up with two strategies. One was to make a priority list for the day and commit to writing content before moving on to other tasks. The other was to schedule specific times to complete the writing. By using both these methods to do what was difficult for her, she was able to achieve her copywriting goals more often.

Ray Hill, a professional speaker who specializes in energy management, talks about how we all have peak energy times during the day. That’s the best time to do our most challenging tasks, the ones we put off until the last minute. I have found this strategy to work well for me. Since my peak time of the day is first thing in the morning, I use these early hours to focus on tasks that require more brain power. For me, that includes writing reports, reading, and writing copy or marketing plans.

Another strategy both Susan and I use is setting deadlines. A marketing plan can take me up to forty hours to research and write. By setting a deadline for myself, then telling the client, I am able to establish a target and deliver on time. When deadlines are not required, it is easy to put off difficult things. Even setting self-imposed deadlines is better than operating with no deadline at all. When you tell someone your projected completion date, you are more likely to finish it on time.

Doing what’s hard is not about doing what is completely out of your realm of abilities. Subcontract the latter to more qualified individuals. Doing what’s hard is more about tackling what you are avoiding due to fear. It’s too easy to apply your attention to tasks you enjoy, or that come easily to you.

As Andrew Barber-Starkey would say, “When you do what’s hard, you will discover that everything starts to get easier.”

To Put Your Internet Profits Into Overdrive?

Get Rich Quick Scams Revealed
Read this article before you consider paying for a "get rich quick" program.
From: Xoftspy Scan

Everybody would love to make lots of money quickly, working from home, and only doing a few hours of work per week. I've spent the past two years trying to find a great way of doing this. Only over the course of the past few months have I found any "get rich quick" programs worth buying. I've been trying to make money online for a long time. I had a few small websites, but they never made much more than a few hundred per month. It was easy money and didn't require much work on my part, but I knew there were people out there doing better than I was and I knew I could do as well as them.

Now, I've seen a lot of "get rich quick" programs. Most of these people make claims about earning $2000/day with Google or something similarly insane. Almost all of these people are complete liars. Even if they were making $2000/day with Google AdSense, it'd be because they had high- traffic websites with a lot of quality content. I'd know, because in one whole month, I never even made half of what they promised I'd make daily with their programs. Maybe you've already been scammed by one of these fraudsters. Anyway, I finally got sick of what was being offered.
I decided I'd look through the all of the "get rich quick" programs I could find and see if there were any that were actually legitimate. I found that there were owners selling their programs for well over $100, but the information in them could be found almost anywhere online for free. Additionally, they all contained out-of-date information, had no e-mail support, no money back guarantees, and broken links in the downloads section.

In conclusion, almost all of the programs I found were completely useless. The owners knew it, but they couldn't care less about their customers since they didn't offer refund policies! Amazingly, while looking through all of the programs, I actually did find a few legitimate programs. They were run by ordinary people like you and me, and they had found some great methods of making money from their home by doing very little work.
I spent some time working with those programs, and my income is now ten times what it used to be. These programs provided a large amount of great information on how to make extra money on your computer doing very little work. Numerous customers had provided great feedback and reviews for their products. Many of them have started to make money just days after buying!

Their programs have excellent prices, and the authors have a group of paid staff who are dedicating to helping you or providing assistance if you need any. I must say I was amazed! If you do decide to purchase any of the programs listed below, I recommend you join quickly. Most of the owners tell me they are getting an overwhelming number of sales and plan on raising prices in the near future, so order while prices are still low!
To Your Online Success,
Xoftspy Scan

Plug In Profit Internet Marketing Website

Internet Marketing is as old as the Internet itself. In it's infancy Internet Marketing was simply text-based websites that provided product information. As the internet grew and evolved, so did Internet Marketing. The concept moved from simple information based / text websites into lavish graphic filled advertisements.

The attraction to Internet Marketing is the sheer size of the potential consumer base. No longer is one limited to local advertising. The internet allows consumers from across the globe the ability to search out products and information.

Now the concept of Internet Marketing has caught the eye of many entrepreneurs and is turning into a popular work from home business.
One such business that is steadily increasing in popularity is the Plug In Profit site.

The Plug In Profit website first debuted over 4 years ago as a creation of Internet Marketer Stone Evans, otherwise known as "The Home Biz Guy". Mr. Evans created the Plug In Profit concept as an incentive to join a few select affiliate programs. What it does is provide free websites that are loaded with select affiliate programs that you, as a new Internet Marketer, can promote.

The website that is created for the new Internet Marketer who joins the Plug In Profit business is initially loaded with a handful of programs to start the new affiliate off. These initial programs are SFI, Host4Profit, GetResponse, Internet Marketing Warriors, Empowerism and Traffic Swarm. The entrepreneur can join any Plug In Profit program at no charge. Once the website is built for the entrepreneur, usually within 24 hours of joining, they are ready to begin to advertise their new business and bring other affiliates into their downline.

As you start your own business with the Plug In Profit website you are able to pick your own domain name, which is displayed on the website that is created for you. There is a web hosting fee, as there is to have any website available on the Internet. For the entrepreneur who is new to the world of Internet Marketing, starting off with a Plug In Profit website can be very beneficial as you are provided with online marketing tips and ongoing training. You have access to a members-only forum where you can get quick responses to questions you may have.

Another benefit of the Plug In Profit website is the book that is included in the website set up package. The book "30 Days to Success" is a day by day guide to help the novice Internet Marketer find success working their home business on the web. Topics such as how and where to advertise the Plug In Profit website and program, how to write articles that will promote ones business, how to get ranked higher in the Search Engines, etc. are included. The book also covers optional offline marketing strategies as well as many other ideas and tips to help one succeed.

Lastly, as a Plug In Profit business owner you are given your own, fully customizable email newsletter that will market your company for 400 days in a row. This is an added benefit of joining the Plug In Profit business model.

The website itself can be customized to suit ones own style and direction. Many successful Internet Marketers begin with the basic Plug In Profit website so they can begin to grow their business while they are learning the ins and outs of Internet Marketing; however, as their business grows they often change their website to add additional programs and to change the look and feel of the site itself. The Plug In Profit website makes customizing the site uncomplicated.

Although the Plug In Profit business model gives you all the tools and products that you need to be successful, what it can not do is make you take action. Being an Internet Marketer can be a very rewarding business. It appeals to those who want to be able to set their own hours, work from the comfort of their own home office, avoid rush hour traffic and maybe even work in one's pajamas. Stay at home moms and dads alike have discovered the opportunity Internet Marketing provides but this is a business, like any other business, that does take effort.

With PIPS (Plug In Profit), you are in business for yourself; however, you are not by yourself. Between the "30 Days to Success" book, the help desk available to those who have questions and the Members Only forum where other Internet Marketers provide helpful information on what they have found works and what pitfalls they have been able to avoid, the new Internet Marketer is not left in the dark trying to start a business with no help or resources.

Want To Become A Super Affiliate Marketer?

The humdrum existence of going to the office day after day doing the usual 8 to 5 shift is a trying task for those who have lived all their lives doing so. This is why the convenience of doing work at home amazingly flexible working hours is a dazzling prospect to them. Doing work at home that is as fulfilling as having a career working for a computer on the 19th floor of a skyscraper is already a possibility in these modern times. This is because the jungle-like network that is the Internet has given birth to a business that has given some people practically new lives doing nothing but so.

This particular business allows people to work at home under flexible working hours. There is no boss to scream around putting pressure on everyone about the deadline at hand. There is no clutter of messy paperwork that needs to be completed the soonest possible time. Conveniences such as these are experienced by those who are into affiliate marketing, the newest way to earn money without having to go through all sorts of routine found in regular employment.

Those who have been in the business long enough can attest to the fact that it is a lucrative business indeed, one that can actually give people things that they could not possibly possess or experience under ordinary circumstances.

The business called affiliate marketing involves an affiliate’s promotion of a merchant’s website. Here the website owned by the affiliate is made to advertise and market the website of the merchant through the affiliate program that they run. Whenever someone clicks on the merchant’s website promoted by the one owned by the affiliate, the affiliate is given a commission. This is in recognition of his effort in helping the merchant make a sale.

The system involved in affiliate marketing seems easy, but it also takes a lot of diligence and perseverance for one to be able to penetrate it thoroughly. Those who want to get into this type of business should possess the necessary skills to be able tread through the industry with confidence and self-assurance. Still, other factors are needed by one to be able to really break in. Knowledge about the business at hand is very important as it dictates the actions that are to be done by people who are into it.

The leading figure in affiliate marketing is the super affiliate. He or she is basically an e-mail marketer who collects large databases of e-mail addresses through newsletters. Super affiliates are also those who know the business even better than affiliate managers as a result of their knowledge about the affiliate marketing industry inside out. Those who want to be super affiliates should know that becoming a super affiliate is not easy, because it takes a lot to be able to master the marketing craft.

Becoming a super affiliate means having one’s own website and auto responder. These tools will help a lot in one’s facilitation of the business. Building one’s own list is another. Creating a loyal customer base and taking care of it is one secret that successful super affiliates have. Making good customer relations is also important if one wants to be a super affiliate to reckon with.

Continuing to market to the people on one’s list is another must if one wants to succeed as a super affiliate. Sending out quality content in lieu of ads is an advantage as products are marketed better whenever enough information is given about them.

Building traffic to one’s own site is also one of the most essential points in the affiliate marketing business. Making one’s affiliate links his own business will allow him to build a strong relationship with his customers, enabling him to market to them over and over again.

The most important thing one should remember if he wants to become a super affiliate is to treat affiliate marketing as a business first and foremost. If he is capable of doing this, then he will never have to go back to the humdrum existence of working the 8-5 shift. A career as a super affiliate in the business, which will change his life forever, could possibly take that unexciting job’s place.

Bread Makers - Your First Bread Maker

With a great bread maker, it's relatively quick and simple to make good bread. The nice thing is bread makers aren't just limited to making bread, there's other uses as well. Make wonderful dough for pizza, make great tasting fruit jam, or bake a cake.

If you were like me when I first started, you may be confused when it comes to bread maker you need. Before finding out what bread maker you need, it's a good idea to first become familiar with what available features bread makers offer. Knowing what's out there will help you select the right bread maker for you.

If you want the convenience of making multiple loafs of bread at a time, having the ability to make more than one bread loaf at a time is a good feature to have in your bread maker. If you need to make a lot of loafs in a short amount of time, consider the length of time it takes the bread maker to make each loaf. If you are only making 1 loaf a day at most, the speed of the bread maker shouldn't make much of a difference. Also consider the quality of the bread being made, sometimes you can taste the difference.

I like a bread maker that has a window, it lets me watch the bread making without having to interrupt the process. If your loaf pan is non-stick, it will be a lot easier to clean. It's common for bread makers nowadays to come with non-stick pans, but there's still a select few that do not. I've also found an additional ingredients reminder helpful. It chimes a beep when it's time to add fruit to the bread.

Whatever bread maker you decide to choose, make sure to try a few out first and find out what you like. Make sure your bread maker is conventient enough for you to make sure you'll keep using it for years to come.

Paid Surveys – The Tips for Successful Survey Taking

1) Refer your friends to the Paid Survey sites you join
Usually, survey sites give very good immediate cash bonuses for referring your friends when you join a survey site. You get a sure payment, and don’t need to be afraid that your friends may share in the profits you make – there are surveys for everyone, and everyone wins money and prizes for oneself.

2) Start completing every survey you get
As a newbie survey taker, it’s better to complete every survey you get, even though these starter surveys may pay little or nothing at all. Some of these initial surveys are general “screener” surveys that help the survey companies identify you and establish your reliability. If you don’t complete the screener surveys, survey companies usually drop you off their mailing lists and you lose the chance to win the cash and rewards of the surveys to follow.

3) Join Free Survey Sites
It only makes sense to join the FREE survey sites, as you need not pay anything before you’ve actually earned a nickel. Many survey companies believe it’s only fair to provide their services for free, and profit from the companies that need the surveys, rather than from the survey takers. Joining a site for free is also rational, because if you happen to be disappointed with the quality of the site, you may give it up with no regrets and money losses.

4) Complete Online Surveys for as many survey companies as you can
Once you join a free survey site, try completing as many of its survey offers as you can. That ensures that you have a steadier cash flow and don’t endure periods of survey drought. Moreover, each survey company launches an average of 2 to 7 surveys per month, while sometimes there are none at all. Also, you may not expect to qualify for each and every particular survey, as some of them are designed for particular gender, age group or social segment that you might not fall in.

5) Build a Reputation of a Reliable Survey Respondent
If you want to get regular survey invitations and maximize your earnings, it is worth it to build yourself a reputation of a reliable survey respondent.

Respond to survey offers timely, accurately and responsibly. Once a survey company has a record that shows your diligence, availability and accuracy in providing your feedback, it is almost certain that it will prefer you for its highest-payout surveys and other paid offers that require more, but also give out more cash and prizes.

Lightspeed Panel - Paid Online Survey

My first ever post was all about my experience with paid online surveys. Back then Lightspeed panel was among my favourites and today it nabbed the top spot. I had earned my fist £15 ($30USD) from their surveys.

I signed up a few months ago. Their main downside is that they take a while to get going. It took about 2 months before I heard anything from them. But then the surveys started to arrive....I have been getting about 5 per week. I am not eligible for all of them but I find I usually am. Each survey is worth 50-125 Lightspeed points which can be converted to cash on Paypal (which is what I did) or you can buy gifts with them or home decorating bits n bogs (its random I know!).

100 Lightspeed points is worth about £1 ($2USD). This doesn't seem like much but the surveys never take longer than 10 minutes, despite the warning at the start that they will take longer (I don’t mind them thinking I’m taking longer on their surveys than I really am!). So that averages out about £6 ($12USD) per hour if you were doing them solidly, which isn’t a bad wage considering you need no qualifications. It is however, clear that they are not get-rich-quick scheme. Also you only get a few per week but remember to earn a living from paid online surveys you need to be signed up to a lot of them. (Just see my fist ever post, in the 2006 archives for a lengthy list of the sites I tried).

If you sign up (this is not an affiliate scheme) just type 'Lightspeed panel' followed by the name of your country because they have a different sign up page depending on where you are from. This is because their surveys are more likely to be relevant to you if they know where you live. I know Lightspeed panel is available in the UK and USA and a number of European countries, its not hard to find out.

Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires Revealed

Millionaires think and see the world differently. If you've a millionaires mindset, you'll be a self-made millionaire one day...or maybe you're already a self-made millionaire yourself

17 habits of self-made millionaires

Habit #1: They create their own destiny.

They never blame, justify and criticize like most people. They know that when they blame and criticize, they will become a victim.

Habit #2: Rich people play money game to WIN but most people play money game NOT TO LOSE.

What is the difference between these two? Rich people play money game to WIN megabucks where as most people play money game just to get enough money for themselves.

Habit #3: Rich people are 100% commited to be rich.

Let me ask you one question...Do you want to be rich? You might say
"Of course I want to be rich, I wouldn't invest in this opportunity if I don't want to be rich"

Most people only WISH to be rich and they don't mind not being rich. Rich people have a strong desire to be rich and successful. They know that becoming rich is their top priority and they just cannot accept not being rich.

Habit #4: Delayed gratification

What keeps most people rich is the habit of wanting instant gratification. Instant gratification is the habit of always wanting to enjoy now and not having the patience to wait for future benefits. As a result this people spend a lot more than they invest. When it comes to investing in books and seminars etc they will always think twice as they have to wait for future benefits.

Habit #5: Rich people think BIG.

They set challenging goals for themselves and take massive action.

Habit #6: Rich people focus on opportunity

Opportunity always come with obstacles. It's like a package, you cannot just take opportunity and "throw" the obstacles.

When there are challenges and obstacles, most people will focus on them and then give excuses like "I'm too young", "I got not enough money" and eventually got them into believing that they are doom to be poor forever. Rich people focus on opportunity instead of obstacles.

Habit #7: Rich people respect and love money

As many of us grow up, we may unknowingly pick up many limiting beliefs and painful associations towards money from our family, friends, teachers etc. If you come from a poor or a middle class family, you might be taught that 'money does not grow on trees', 'investing is risky', 'money will change you', 'save money for rainy days' etc etc.

As a result, your subconscious mind associates so much fear and negative feelings towards money that it will stop you from becoming rich. Your inner mind won't allow you to become rich as it would give you more 'problems' or make you a bad person'.

However, you must understand that your parents and teachers taught you that because they taught they were passing a good advice. Very often they negative associations towards money and that is why they choose to pass this advice to younger generations.

Habit #8: Always do more than expected

Rich people are value creators. Value creators have the habit to do a lot more than what is expected. If they are paid $3,000, they will work as if they are being paid $10,000. If they are expected to generate $20,000 worth of profits, they will create $50,000 worth of value! Thesse people are the one who get promoted super fast and get their income doubling or tripling every year.

The habit does not only apply on employees, it applies to anyone from super stars to entrepreneur.

When Michael Jordan was interviewed and asked how he became the world's greatest basketball player, he replied,

"I expect more from myself than anyone would ever expect from me! When my coach expects me to train 3 times per week, I would train 5 times. When my coach expects me to score 15 points for each game, I would score 36 points! That is why I'm the best in the world".

Habit #9: Rich people are willing to promote themselves and their values

Habit #10: Rich people are BIGGER than their problems

When problem comes many people will be discourage and let the problem happens without resolving it. Rich people will try to solve their problems.

Habit #11: Rich people get paid based on results

They chose not to get rich by time. Rich people know that the wost possible way to be financially independent is to sell your time. They choose to make money based on performance and results

Habit #12: Rich people think BOTH

Most people think that if you want to earn lots of money, you'll have to sacrifice other stuff. Rich people believes that you can earn megabucks without sacrificing anything.

Habit #13: Rich people focus on their net worth

People with big cars or house are not necessarily rich. They may have lots of loans and debts.

Habit #14: Rich people manage their money well

They take calculated risk before investing their money. Most people spend most of their money on luxury things after their paycheck. But rich people their money and in opportunities that help their money grow.

Habit #15: Most people quit because of fear, doubt and worry

Rich people act in spite of FEAR, doubt and worry.

Habit #16: Rich people constantly learn and grow

Rich people are willing to learn from other people without looking at others' education, age etc.

Habit #17: Rich people have their money work hard for them

Rich people knows how to look for an opportunity, invest it and then see their money "growing". But most people work hard for money. They sacrifice their time for more money.

Starting A Home Business?

First thing you need to know before starting your own business is you must do your research! There are many great home business opportunities out there; you need to be cautious in choosing a business that is right for you. Find one that suits you best one that you have interest in because you will need to spend a lot of time on that business, and most importantly, you will need to find a business that is legitimate. There are countless numbers of home business offers over the internet today and majority of them will require you to pay a fee to start. Most people will choose the lower fee to start their business and end up failing due to the lack of information given. An online business is not as easy as many advertisements say it is. You will not get rich over night and that is the truth!

Here are some good examples of how people make money online:

Become an affiliate
Become a hosting reseller
Sell products online
Buy/Sell online auctions
Get paid to take surveys
Get paid to read emails
Get paid to surf the web
Get paid to shop
Make money with adsense

Those are only a few examples of how you can make money online. If you want to start a home business the best advice for you is to find a system that many online entrepreneurs are currently using, a system that is proven to work, find out what made them become successful with their home business, what methods they use that makes them thousand of dollars a month by simply purchasing their system (remember nothing good is for free) if you are clueless about how to start your own home business you will definitely need a guide. Now follow step by step instruction that is given to you, read the information carefully and remember not to give up half way because if you do you will not succeed.

Another good advice for you is focus on your business and stick to one until you see results, you will fail if you try to do too many at once. Without a guide though one may be lost in choosing the right business opportunity, with many scams circling around the internet these days one may end up spending their money buying information that is worthless to them and they are back where they started; still looking for that one right home business.

The best part about online business is you have more free time to do the things you want to do and you can also easily access your business anywhere in the world using the power of the internet.

Now there are two types of business opportunity one is short term and the other is long term. For example taking online survey is consider short term the more you take time to fill out a survey the more you earn, some survey companies pay you cash and some give out rewards and prizes. There are many resources to take free surveys online and yes you do get paid for your opinion! Watch out for scam survey sites that require you to pay a fee to join.

Now if you are looking for a long term home business you should look into starting your own website. You could sell products or information with your own domain name or you can sign up with google adsense and write your own articles on a subject you like. You can also sign up with google adwords and start advertising as an affiliate. The opportunities are endless!

Work Based from Home and Those Misleading Ads

When it comes to business opportunities, work based from home options should be considered. Work based from home has a many perks including tax advantages and there are solid business opportunities available. Work at home ideas, as they are advertised, may seem a bit confusing or overwhelming at first, but don’t need to be.

You need to sort through advertisements touting themselves as either "Business Opportunities: or Work at home"

You’ve seen them, especially in the classified sections of newspapers that read: "Business Opportunities: Work at home." Like most people, you are probably skeptical when you see these ads in the paper and you should be. Unfortunately, there are always those out there who try to take advantage of your dream of having your own work based from home business. Single mothers struggling to take care of their children are often victims of this scam.

There are a number of these ads that you should avoid.

• Envelope stuffing is among the biggest scams out. With this scam, unsuspecting individuals are fooled into believing they can make a great income by simply stuffing envelopes. While a limited number of people will actually make money off of this, most don’t. Then of course there is the issue of ethics.
• Assembling complex items that can take a very long time to put together, resulting in far less than minimum wage when broken down into an hourly rate. What’s more you will often not see any money unless the crafts or other objects you have assembled happen to sell.

These scams are certainly not worth your time considering that there are plenty of legitimate work based from home opportunities out there. Sound work based from home ideas simply require using your common sense and not falling for scams that are simply too good to be true.

Once you realize that these Business Opportunities: Work at Home ads are not the way to go when trying to establish your own work based from home business, it is time for the serious work to begin. Starting your own work based from home business is not necessarily an easy task and it does take time and work to get it going. Therefore, you need to start considering what type of work based from home business is right for you.

Take an honest look at your personality. Do you want to be your own boss, or do you prefer someone else take on responsibility for the business? Do you enjoy spending time on the computer, or would you rather be outdoors. Work based from home does not necessarily mean you have to stay inside the house, so consider all possible avenues to find the one that is best for you.

If you wish to start your own work based from home business then brainstorm. There are numerous types of work one can consider, among them:

• Freelance data entry
• Freelance writing
• Freelance graphic artist
• House cleaning, janitorial, window washing or laundry services
• Online translation
• Online surveys
• Plumbing, carpentry, electrical or other handyman services
• Driving services
• Snow or leaf removal
• Landscaping
• Phone answering services

Be a Successful Work from Home Boss

Being a successful work from home boss comes to those who put proper research and planning into their efforts initially. Failure to do proper research and planning up front is tantamount to setting yourself up for failure from the very beginning.

One person might find success as their own work from home boss tied to working with one of many online opportunities available. A second person might determine he or she wants to be their own work from home boss while dealing with something in he or she has always been interested in doing and then making a plan to make use of his or her talents. Yet a third person may seek success as a work from home boss by working as a distributor for an already established company.

1. Online opportunities for being your own work from home boss include but are not limited to some of the following options.
• Looking for small scale success as a work from home boss might lead one to take online surveys. There are literally dozens of companies out there who will provide surveys for you to take. Compensation may come in point accumulation toward rewards or in outright cash payments.
• Someone looking for greater rewards as a work from home boss might be more interested in bidding or contracting for writing or translation services. There are multiple sites that provide a few thousand jobs to bid on, on any given day. The writing may be short articles for websites, translating website information, writing or translating articles for magazines and tutorial handbooks, preparation of resumes, or even working on papers for people seeking advanced college degrees.

2. Those people wanting to make use of their talents and knowledge might choose to try their hand being a work from home boss by working with arts and crafts, carpentry, clothing design and production, electrical work, interior design, landscape design, plumbing or, one of many other such efforts.

3. Another group of potential businessmen might seek their success as a work from home boss by seeking out a distributorship of an established product. Some companies will refer to their representatives as distributors others may choose different titles. Still if you’re looking to be your own work from home boss, such titles are not too important.

• One person may choose to work with companies such as Avon, Mary Kay or Tupperware where the product is well established and has a good reputation. This often not only allows for them to be their own work from home boss, but, also provides an opportunity for making new friends.
• Another person may choose to make a tie in with a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company, of which there are untold numbers of options available. The person seeking to be their own work from home boss in this way is likely going to be someone who is considered to be a people person; as such work requires a lot of what is referred to as prospecting in order to achieve success.

A few company names here that you might recognize would be Amway, HerbaLife, Shaklee, ACN and of course hundreds more. Some of these companies will offer you an ethical or moral dilemma when it comes to their systems for making money. Be sure you check them out before investing to make sure that the methods involved will fit your standard for moral conduct while still being the work from home boss.