Saturday, August 14, 2010

What is the need for installing home misting system?

There are many different ways to bring down the heat - misting fans, shade structure, patio misting system, pool cabana, shade sails and umbrellas.

Misting fans:

The mist fan creates moisture in the dry air which results in coolness. Portable misting fans are easy to carry around. The water misting fans literally sprinkles water which is evaporated in the air. Water misters’ fan is cheaper than the air conditioner and is easy to carry and install. Outdoor misting fan are generally used in sports and other outdoor events. High pressure misting fans are generally seen in large scale area like industries, hotels, multiplex complex and theaters.

Shade structure:

Its summer and you can’t sit at your porch or patio because of sun. Then build a shade structure which gives shade on your porch. This is other wise know as sun shades. The shade structures are divided into two categories - steel roof and fabric canopy shade structure.

Shade sails:

Shade sails were first discovered 25 yrs ago in warmer countries. This is used as a way to protect from harsh sun. Two high poles and two low poles are fixed on the ground which should be parallel to each other. Then the fabric is attached to the poles with the sails which are used in ships. These can be mounted in many ways such as horizontal, vertical and hypar design.


You can see many umbrellas at beaches restaurants and even people carry umbrellas at summer time. The umbrellas have many varieties like wooden market umbrella; paraflex umbrella and wall mount umbrellas. The wooden market umbrella is costly and has a richer look. The durability of this umbrella is low. The mostly used umbrellas among people are the paraflex umbrella. These are extremely flexible to carry and can takes less space while storing. These can be attached to your patio table. A wall mount umbrella takes less space and gives shade on your porch. These are attached to the wall.

Pool cabana:

What is the need of pool cabana which occupies a lot of space? Pool cabana is built for privacy and for entertaining the guest. It also protects from hot sun rays. Pool cabana consists of showers, changing rooms and rest rooms.

Patio misting system:

The patio misting system is attached to your patio for enjoying the cool breeze on a hot day. You can have a barbecue party at your backyard by just turning on the misting system and inviting your friends and family.

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