Saturday, August 14, 2010

How to cool the temperature of a room?

This system can cut down the temperature of the room up to 20 to 25 degree. It is natural that people don't like to stay out door because of heat and sweat. So to avoid heat you need to fix an outdoor cooling system which will cool the place in no time. This is not only for residential purpose but also for industries and factories.

The benefits of Mist System:

These can drop the temperature more than 20 degree F.
It doesn't allow the flying insect like flies, mosquitoes etc to enter your patio.
It also helps in keeping the surrounding clean from dust and air pollution.
You can party in your patio even on the hottest day.
These systems are very effective for controlling smoke, fog, dust and also help in filtration of air and removal of odor.

There are many types of mist cooling system which are installed for cooling the room. Some of the most widely used systems are listed below.

High Pressure Misting:

These are chosen for places where high cooling is needed. For example restaurants, sports, resorts, conference room etc needs maximum cooling in summer time. These use pump which creates tiny drops of water into the air and when evaporated gives a cool air. These add humidity to green house and also help in controlling bad odor.

Patio Misting System:

These are very useful in dry climates where therapeutic moisture is added to the air. For more cooling effect on your patio it is important that you install these at least 10 feet from the ground. There are many people who would like to spend most of time at their patio. They can install this system which will be beneficial.

Misting Fan:

These are the most versatile type for cooling the room. These give a stream of mist which is transferred into cool air. Now you can also find portable misting fan which can be carried to any place. These are more used by the sports people. The filters and water tank of this fan should be changed regularly. These are environment friendly and are highly effective fans. Then there is water misting fans which literally sprays water on us. This can be dangerous sometimes and can wet the whole place.


These are very useful when you are having picnic outdoor. This doesn't work like misting system but can provide shade from sun. There are many kinds of umbrellas like wall mount umbrella, wooden market umbrella etc. as the name indicates wall mount umbrella is fixed to the wall. These are usually seen on porch or on patio.

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