Saturday, August 14, 2010

How to Be a Successful Man?

Higher position, a special life and to be outstanding man, these are understandable life attitudes, because almost men want to manage others instead of controlled by others. Obviously, this needs independent leadership.

Is the leadership abstract and difficult to learn for a man who dares to challenge the difficulties? I believe not. The following nine points are the basic elements of leadership which are able to learn through self-review.

First, to be on the initiative

They should work with enthusiasm, diligence, initiative and dedication attitudes; threat the problems as challenges, and guide subordinates to assess rationally and work optimistic.

Second, learn to communicate with others

Both of you should know the information you want to express when you communicate together, and the ways depend on your need. However, you should make a clear statement for the requirements on subordinates. Why not try to compare your express ways with others, and store the good points, and correct the bad ones.

Third, to show consideration to your subordinates

You should know the experiences, attitude and ambition of your subordinates, so that you could manage different encourage methods and increase efficiency. Remember that don't translate your own values and attitudes into an absolute standard to assess the colleagues or subordinates, and you must understand that people are different, and learn to respect each other, so that we can cooperate happily.

Fourth, know your boss

The orientation of your boss has great influence on your work, so you must have some knowledge of your superiors. Understanding boss does not mean flattery, but to reduce conflict, improve communication, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the work. You should objectively evaluate the relationship between you and supervisors, and review your own attitude especially in some special strict situation. Often with a mildly expression is more effectively than the tough way. Of course, these methods depend on individuals.

Fifth, believe others

Belief is very important whether in work or causal life. Therefore, proper right for your subordinates will cultivate their ability.

Sixth, to set an example
Leaders often are the example of subordinate. A leader who respects their organization and work usually infects with their subordinates to respect the organization, and will they neglect the organizational decision for their own private interests.

Seventh, to have your own direction

Men must be made their own direction for the future development, so they could make long-term and short-term strategy for the organization to create favorable conditions. Do more reading and communication, understanding of organizations inside and outside environment, absorbing the experience of other people, increase your own scope of thinking, and to look for other opportunities for the work.


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